For those osteopaths still interested in the bones, Eduardo Bicalho published a comprehensive paper within Cureus in 2020. The author outlines the anatomy and physiology of bone tissue to better understand the intraosseous dysfunction and its repercussions. An intraosseous dysfunction is characterized by a restricted natural flexibility of the fibrous components of the bone tissue matrix and should be evaluated from mechanical, neural, and fluidic perspectives. The affiliation of bone tissue to the fascial system is discussed as well as aspects like bone tissue development, morphology, fluid dynamics, mechanical quality, physiological mechanisms, peripheral and central sensitization. This paper presents osteopathic perspectives on bone tissue that are relevant to our profession; being historically based upon the bone.

Bicalho, E., 2020. The Intraosseous Dysfunction in the Osteopathic Perspective: Mechanisms Implicating the Bone Tissue. Cureus, 12(1), e6760. doi: 10.7759/cureus.6760.

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