With the beginning of March 2020, the Osteopathie Schule Deutschland (OSD) and the Osteopathic Research Institute (ORI) initiate the bimonthly study of interest newsletter.

Herein, we present two articles of interest to the osteopathic profession each month. The osteopathic community is invited to participate by submitting published and in press articles of peer-reviewed scientific journals to:

The second article of our bimonthly study of interest newsletter was published in Scientific Reports (Nature) by Francesco Cerritelli, Piero Chiacchiaretta, Francesco Gambi, Mauro Gianni Perrucci, Giovanni Barassi, Christian Visciano, Rosa Grazia Bellomo, Raoul Saggini and Antonio Ferretti (February 2020). This randomized placebo controlled trial investigated the effect of osteopathy on the brain correlates of interoception using fMRI. The authors reported a distinct BOLD response (marginal increase immediately after first session and significant decrease at one month of treatment) of brain areas related to interoception. This research, thus, presents initial neuroscientific rationale for the effect of osteopathy on the brain.

Cerritelli, F., Chiacchiaretta, P., Gambi, F., Perrucci, M.G., Barassi, G., Visciano, C., Bellomo, R.G., Saggini, R., Ferretti. A., 2020. Effect of manual approaches with osteopathic modality on brain correlates of interoception: an fMRI study. Scientific Reports, 10(3214).


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